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In Khmelnytsky opened Ukrainian Olympiad in Ukrainian language and literature

March 22 at the Khmelnytsky Oblast Institute of Postgraduate Education and Khmelnytsky Oblast Lyceum depth training in science, the opening stage IV XXIX Ukrainian students of Ukrainian language and literature.The city of Southern Bug 168 children come from all over Ukraine. Greeted the Olympiad participants asked Director of Education Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Fasolya Oleg, who emphasized the significant successes gifted youth Khmelnytsky, including contests philological direction, and wished good luck and inspiration inthenicks tests. Olympians wished fruitful work rector Khmelnytsky OIPPO Bereka Victor E., Chief Specialist, Department of General, Secondary and Primary Education, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Kotusenko Elena, jury chairman, vice-rector Lviv University Garasym Yaroslav I.. Guests vinshuvaly amateur bands education Khmelnitsky. Creative test students that will last for four days, involving theoretical and practical problems in-depth knowledge of the subject application, creative approach to the presentation. Assess the Olympians representative of the jury, which includesNumber of scholars from top universities of the country, facilitators and best teachers in our region. The program Olympiad: sitting methodical team leaders and educators raymetodkabinetiv for implementation in schools Khmelnytsky priorities philological school education roundtable "From Shevchenko to present" dedicatedworks of contemporary Ukrainian writers for children (timed to the 90th anniversary of Ukrainian children's writer Vsevolod Nestayko) meeting of the student group from the regional center, tours memorable places skirts. The information was