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In Ternopil to the construction of defense in the East doluchatymutsya all RSA

list of necessary equipment, building materials, household products for organizational work on the construction of seven fortified shelters in Artemivsk Donetsk Oblast Ternopil were construction companies who will direct UchaAmount of work. Therefore, their distribution between the relevant structures of the region and city. It was reported at the meeting by March 23 had the acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak. Participation in it took representatives of construction companies Ternopil. "Every head of RSA will be assigned to a particular object - espeachyv John Krysak. - Quest's defense applies to all the East. Those who will go in place and will be directly involved in the process of performing a vital function. The rest of the construction companies, the relevant structures of the city, the region, as well as entrepreneurs and farmers must allocate the necessary assistance. Must point is SARezpechennya hour security facilities. " Working Group Ternopil March 25 will go to the Donetsk region to address organizational issues, said the acting head of RSA. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration