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In Ternopil decided the winners of the Cup of Ukraine with free-fight

over the weekend continued in Ternopil Ukraine Cup competition with free-fight Division Amateur Championship and first round of Ukraine Elite Division under MMA. Cup of Ukraine free-fight - the most prestigious team award year. Tournament format - "wall-to-wall" when no one winsathlete, albeit an extremely high-end, and the whole team. The competition took place at the premises of Ternopil secondary school 3. Traditionally open tournament officials and the sporting community - head of the Ternopil Regional Council Vasyl Hominets, Head of Family, Youth and Physical Culture and Victor Matsykurykonavchyy director of the Ukrainian Federation of free-fight Sergey Antropov. Addressing the athletes, Basil Hominets said: "Sport - a world sport - is power and mutual respect. in Ternopil carpet athletes gathered from Ukraine - east, center, west, south. You share one goal - to win a fair fight. This is inashym contribution to the establishment of a democratic, unified Ukraine. " The head Regional Council noted that representatives of this courageous sport exhibit uncompromising struggle for the truth of faith, not only for Ukraine on the carpet, but also in the area of ??TU. Unfortunately, five sportsmen have sacrificed their lives for the independence and integrity of Mr.ashoyi state. Among them, three Ternopil - Master of Sports of Ukraine, winner of the Cup of Ukraine free-fight in 2014. The novel Il'yashenko candidates for master of sports of Ukraine Orest Kwacha and Andrew Jurkiewicz. Competitors minute's silence in memory of their colleagues. Continue to fight against the enemy in the Donbas two more Ternopil athletes - Valery Sapozhnikov (chairman of the regional organization of free-fight, honored coach of Ukraine) and Nicholas Grinchuk (Master of Sports of free-fight (2013), Cup Ukraine). This year's Cup of Ukraine, given the realities in the country, could not happen, because events may consume both financial and human resource. Thanks to Sergey Antropov, AlexanderSandra vale, Andrew Starovoit, Victor Matsykuru, Helen Pidhrushna, Vadim Stecenko and many Members of Parliament, who doklalysya as organizational and financial holding his Cup did take place. Participation in the competition for the Cup 2015 teams took 16 regions of Ukraine. By the final part includes Sumy and Kharkiv (EastDivision), Kiev, Vinnitsa and Zhitomir region (Central Division), Lviv region (Western Division) and last year's UEFA Cup participants Ukraine - prefabricated Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Winners' Cup Ukraine 2014 - Team Ternopil region - although this year changed its membership by 85% - but not passedla without any real combat team meetings and took an honorable third place. Rewarding athletes had a school teacher and founder of the free - Andrew Veit Starovoit and Director of the Department of Family, Youth, Physical Education and Sport Viktor Matsykur. Valuable gifts (clock) and monetary rewards for high sportsmanship goalPeninsula Regional Council Vasyl Hominets awarded Athlete of the city of Kharkiv. OFFICIAL COMPETITION RESULTS First place - team of the Kharkiv region, trainers, msmk Form AA, Krikunov KV, Morgunov OA .; Second place - team Ivano-Frankivsk region, trainers, Odayskyy V., Shevchuk OM Petrushchak AB, ISU Ivahnyuk IV .; Third place - team of Ternopilblasts, coaches, ZTU shoemakers VG msmk Dolishniy OV msmk Nykyforets H.D .; Third place - team of Kyiv region, trainers, Simon A., B. Dudkivskyy MSU, MSU ZTU Rosohatyy MV msmk Zinko AV .; IV place - Team Lviv region, trainers, Hrytsiuk OR, MLA Slyusarchuk IA Kardash R.I .; V place - team Sumy region, trainers, BondarenkoIA, Gordienko VV .; VI place - team Vinnytsia region, trainers, Dyshlyvenko IA, Kaminsky AV ,, Leybuk D.M .; VII place - team of Zhytomyr region, trainers, ISU Hinhizov OM, MSU S.ZH. Kozakiewicz, Yevstafyev Y. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council