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Ternopil police continue to work on the disclosure of fraud committed by the mother of the deceased soldier relatively ATU

Ten thousand removed from credit card fraudsters Vitali Lototsky mother, who died in the area near Debaltsevo ATO. The policemen managed to establish person on whose account the funds were transferred to the victim, and in which Missthey were taken off. Currently ongoing measures to find perpetrators involved in the crime. Statement of committing fraud with respect mothers deceased soldier ATO Received March 13 law enforcement officers from volunteers. It was found that the victim's cell phone call to an unidentified man and said he served in the area of ??antyteroterror operations and wants to help women financially. Then asked her to dictate credit card number, so that he was able to transfer money there. The victim was in the hands of a credit card Privat and she dictated her interlocutor number. Said the woman and the code that came on the phone. As a result of its "electronic wallet" removed ten tysyach USD. This fact brought police to register a single pre-trial investigations under Article 190 part 1 of the Criminal Code - fraud. Staff will cybercrime regional police found that the victim's funds transferred to the account of the various parts of the 75-year resident of Krivoy Rog Dnepropetrovsk region. More money shot NeuveIdoma people in one of the ATMs of the same city. CCTV camera recorded the identity of the attacker, it wanted. Employees Ternopil police together with colleagues from the Dnipropetrovsk region take measures to disclosure of fraud and detention of persons involved in committing it. The police once again warn residents of the area from fraudstersand no stress in no circumstances to report details of their bank cards. Remember this is confidential information. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region