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Zhytomyr region: a day in the occupied eliminated 7

dead dry windy weather that was established with the coming of spring, negatively affect the situation with fires in the area. During the March 21 rescuers DSNS area made 29 trips to the elimination of fires and their consequences. Basically, occupied leading non citizens claim ruleshose Ladder Safety on private land, when using open flames, burning garbage, dead in an open area, and consequently – overturning of trees on fire ’ Yani commercial buildings, houses, stocks of dry food. Threatened ecosystem. Foolish citizens are injured, incompatible with life. Thus, Dr.Obu registered 11 fires in commercial buildings drovnykah 2 fires in homes in bezhospodarchyh Narodychi area. 7 fires suffering fire in dry grass Popilnya, Romanov, Volodarsk Volyn, Brusyliv, Korosten and Zhitomir regions. In general fire passed over 9ha territory. So, considering on the fire situation management Management DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region warns people not to use open flame in windy conditions and follow fire safety, burn debris safely away from buildings and structures (preferably in the garden), under close supervision, and be ready extinguishing; not make a fire in windy weather; cell lesions should obkopuvaty small earthen wall to prevent the spread of fire in dry grass. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region