In the Zhytomyr region firefighters rescued from destruction facilities summer cafeteria

March 21 at 12:23 at point called ’ communication 8th State Fire and Rescue downtown Korosten received information about a fire that occurred in the utility room, attached to one of the summer cafe district center. Upon arrival at the place of callnadzvychaynyky found that the fire originated in the trees ’ yaniy kitchen of this establishment. Flame ’ I quickly spread throughout the building as it was covered with a rubber tent. However, due to operational and coordinated efforts of firefighters have fire was localized at 12:36, and at 13:02 completely eliminated. As a result of events destroyed the kitchen, but rescuers successfullybe protect from fire building itself cafeteria. At the scene of dead and injured is not. Now all the circumstances set fire experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region