Ivano-Frankivsk honor fallen heroes-fire

March 21, expires 12 years with one tragic night when in the line of Duty ’ communications during fire fighting in the basement of a residential street, North Boulevard, in the regional center for their lives and property of people died tragically head guard SDPCH 1 Ivano-Frankivska Lieutenant internal service Taras Brynetskyy. His colleague, Vladimir Zayats fire with fire place in the unconscious was taken to re ­ a ­ nimatsiyne regional department clinic ­ night hospital. He was destined to ­ Mrs. ­ ­ you only week – March 27 21-year-old Vladimir Zayats died. In this sad anniversaryozvisnoyi in ­ action in the Office of DSNS in ­ bulysya events commemorating nd ­ ro ­ fire-eating. Fellow rescuers came to the house 1 in Pi ­ a ­ night Boulevard im.Pushkina to vsha ­ nate city ’ Five their zahy ­ b ­ disasters friends, because 12 years ago the walls of this building were mo ­ a ­ s ­ withtheir witnessesthe tragic death of young heroes fire T. Brynetskoho and Vladimir Zajac. About the event twelve da ­ vnosti in ­ gad plaque and flowers which put fellow OC ­ Tuva ­ l ­ us ­ ing and lighted sight ­ tional candles. Paying tribute to the city ’ i ­ those who died on ­ suppliers Ivano-Frankivsk city departmentManagement DSNS in Ba ­ Vasyl Matsalak told Priest ­ tnim about the tragic in ­ zhezhu, when the high temperature in the basement prohnulosya overlap, and the house was evacuated 50 dwelled ­ n ­ ant. Shared ECS ­ can fully memories of march ­ no ­ ing in ­ action and colleagues died that tragic night of side-by-side with Yes ­ rasom Brynetskym and Vladimir Zayats eliminated us ­ nological fire. When ­ sa ­ TNI vsha ­ ­ well ­ wa ­ ly minute mo ­ a ­ supply city ’ Five of those killed in ­ zhezh ­ us ­ ­ ­ of age. Measures to vshanuva ­ ing light pa ­ ­ m ’ memory ca ­ wa ­ leriv Order « For th ­ is ­ tions » III Stupation (the ­ mortal) Nacha ­ l ­ Nick guard SDPCH-1 senior ­ first lieutenant of internal service and ­ ­ race Brynetskoho and fire SDPCH 1 Sergeant Vo ­ Lo ­ dymyra Zajac occurred to woo ­ face, named in honor of the brave firefighters – Wu ­ ly ­ these behalf Heroes Fire in the regional center. Co. ­ le ­ gi-workers talkDoes that time does not diminish the pain of loss, because died in the prime years of milk ­ di energetic people who still live and Mrs. ­ you rejoice every new day. Rescuers laid a wreath and paid tribute to the heroes memorial service. Years after, but for eternal ­ ly ­ ­ shayetsya human ovarian cancer appreciation ­ th ­ ­ valnykam that saving life & shy etc.; Shih, paid too high these ­ well – own life. Management DSNS in

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