Retired from the city derzhohorontsyu thanked for the shown honesty to

Office of the State Guard Service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region received a letter of thanks to the Chief of Andrew Patrick resident of Lviv pensioner Zubrytsky LS The text of thanks: "Dear User UDSO, I ask you the following message. 09/03/2015 Yearapproximately 14.00 I visited by car supermarket "Epicenter" Street Horodotska (check with the ring road) and then returned to their place of residence. Back on the road (street Horodotska) with me his mobile contacted another police officer supermarket and said that I had forgotten (lost) wallet which had money and informamation about my person. Arriving back in the supermarket I from another policeman got my purse with me valuable things. Professional and human decency policeman who was carrying at the time the service - I was pleasantly impressed. He not only found me in no time, but nayshov information in my car and made urgent measures to helpand man. At the same time refused to get me some material thanks. This is not a very pleasant experience for me convinced that the Office, which you headed, well-organized educational work with staff to provide people in difficult circumstances aid respect for them. Name another policeman - Taras V. Zabrotska. With thanksand respect! Zubritskiy LS "