In Khmelnytsky rescuers saved from destruction by fire of a house

20 March at 15:51 on the item called ’ communication 6th State Fire and Rescue received a report of fire in a building in the lane. Round to Kam ’ yantsi-Podolsk. To the Rescue « 101 » called and told the owners that burnsouter wall of their home. Immediately place the call came to rescue the State Emergency Services Kam ’ Kamyanets-Podolsk district, which fires an area of ??2 square meters. m localize at 16:02, eliminated at 16:04. Due to operational actions of firefighters prevented the fire spreading to the entire house, thus saving him from optiyschennya. The fire damaged the lining of the outer wall of the building 2 square meters. m. The cause is under investigation. ACCIDENTS fire was. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast