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Soldiers attached to the ATO patriotic education Ternopil

students to chat with police officers who were on the east, sixth graders were able to Ternopil Ivan Franko Ukrainian school. Soldiers not only told the children about their service, but also showed weapons and equipment, which is used in the area ATO. Meeting with anthemazystamy organized by the provincial administration staffing. On his visit to the area of ??counter-terrorism operations teens told the provincial police department and Andrew Dzhereleyko battalion chief of staff "Ternopil" Igor Levitsky. They're among the first to defend the country against the aggressor, had to visitthey also "hot" spots. - The main task that we perform in the East - a public order - said Igor Levitsky. - In addition, have a service at checkpoints, helping local people. Children with undisguised curiosity heard stories fighters asked them questions. Despite his young age, boys and girls haveknow a lot about the events in the east. They strongly support our soldiers, send them patriotic images and amulets. The police arranged for pupils mini-fair with various types of weapons and equipment. Children had the opportunity to try on a police body armor and helmets, they feel the weight. The queue lined considerable. Do not forget Policeholders at the meeting recalled schoolboy rules of safe behavior and warned against rash actions. According to high-school class teacher Oksana Kootenay River, meeting children with law enforcement are necessary and help discipline the younger generation. In such preventive effectiveness of certain police themselves.This year they have already spent more than a dozen such meetings in the education field. - We want the students on the activities of the police and realized that we, first of all, they are reliable guards that in the event of danger always ready to defend and to help - said Chief of the training of personnel administrationovogo ensure regional police Alexei Krivoruchko. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region