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Vinnytchina: "Be visible in the dark" (+ photos)

Employees of the State, together with representatives of the children's park active leisure « Baby Planet » Hold Rally « become visible in the dark & ??raquo ;, in which children were taught the rules of safe behavior on the road and gave them reflective charms - flaytery. toCathedral Street, near the school number 2, students were able to undergo rapid lesson on the rules of safe behavior on the road. Inspectors handed children city ’ pedestrian points of interest, and the Park & ??laquo; Baby Planet » Each child received flayter. &Laquo; Flayter - Reflective keychain is that glowing in the glow of car headlights and appointedto improve the visibility of pedestrians, cyclists or baby carriage in the dark & ??raquo; &Ndash; said Olga Rusinova representative « Children's Planet & raquo ;. Unlike adult children can not fully appreciate the difficult road conditions, especially at nighttime. Dark clothes and small body size baby – those factorsthat make them less noticeable on the road at nighttime. Use flaytera allows you to see the person at a distance of 400 meters, this distance is sufficient to timely reduce vehicle speed and collision avoidance. So, while driving with low beam headlights switched on at a speed of 60 km / h the driver notices a pedestrian at a distance of about 25-40 Meters, and when used flaytera its light reflection is visible to the driver at 130-150 meters and 400 meters in beam headlights. So using flaytera chance of getting in an accident greatly increases. State car recalls that according to p. 4.4 traffic rules Ukraine: « at nighttime and conditionspoor visibility pedestrians moving along the roadway or roadside, must identify themselves to early detection of other road users & raquo ;. This was reported in the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vinnitsa region