Ternopil, to conduct medical field courses to help people who have suffered as a result of ATU

as of March 19, 2015 from the beginning of ATO in the field of medical institutions approached 58 citizens of Crimea, 526 - 222 and from Donetsk - Luhansk region . Currently undergoing treatment 9 wounded. This is where directorHealth department of the State Administration Vladimir chickens during a meeting of members ATO, on 19 March in RSA. "In the near future we plan to conduct short courses for family doctors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists regarding standards of care for people who have suffered as a result ofATO - continued Vladimir. - Medical and psychological help especially those with combat zone is specific and doctors, especially in areas that are not always ready to provide this kind of assistance. Therefore, I hope that the course will be useful, and most importantly - effective ". According to the head of the Ukrainian Center Search prisoners dead andmissing soldiers ATO Alla Borisenko, specialists in providing psychological assistance is popular because in many cases the display of shock and complex psychological state has not only the direct participants ATO, but also their families and the families of the victims. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration