In the Transcarpathian region Rakhovsky rescuers reminded citizens of fire safety rules

From the beginning of 2015 Rakhiv on 27 fires, while during the same period last year there have been 19 fires. Given the disappointing trend Rakhivsky district department representatives in DSNS held March 19 fire-preventive testing inKobyletska Polyana village, where 11 March during a fire killed a man. During the year, the named locality happened 2 fire, while the entire 2014 are recorded 4 fire. During testing rescuers carried bypass housing sector Polyana village Kobyletska, navidavshys to more than 200 private yard. So fight DSNA talked to the residents of the village and roses ’ yasnyly them the basic rules of fire safety. Separately focused on banning the burning of garbage, fallen leaves and dry grass, which can lead to devastating fire in the ecosystem. For better absorption of information to citizens handed leaflets on fire theme. In addition, Repavnyky DSNS visiting Kobyletska-Polyana school I-III., where they held a lecture on fire safety. Thus, students grades 9-11 talked about the danger posed by a fire, and laid out the main rules of household appliances at home. Finally, young people informed about the procedure during the fire and showed how to use vohnehasber. To cover roses ’ yasnyuvalnymy conversations as much people as rescuers visited the city hospital and others about ’ objects populated. This preventive work among the population in the area Rakhivsky not completed. In the future, representatives of district department UDSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region plan to coverTesting of all prevention Rachivshchina village. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region