rescue volunteers help Ukrainian army

Attention Ukrainian society further focused on the events in the east, where despite the truce ’ I armed terrorist groups do not stop shelling positions Ukrainian position. Responsible citizens ill, experiencing and by all means help soldiers ATO. Do not remainaside rescuers who are active in the rear and the front. Employees Ternopil city department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Ternopil region organized the makeshift stoves, burzhuyok to provide them our army, in extremely difficult circumstances protects Ukrainian land moDr. invaders. With these stoves will not only fight obihritys, prepare food, but also drier clothes and shoes. Soon the rescuers will begin production grids that serve domestic armor additional protection against cumulative projectiles. This work DSNS workers perform in spare time, are on the queueUvan or come for a few hours, when do so. Volunteers send their products to the east and the soldiers pass. Those, in turn, are grateful for their support. But rescuers continue to continue to help soldiers ATO, because that all responsible citizens understand: only by working together can defeat the enemy.