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State Security Service - the only structure in Ukraine, providing armed protection firearms

Office of the State Guard Service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region takes custody of all facilities business (shops, catering, welfare, etc.) to safety staff, visitors and ensure ohAuron property in almost all major cities of Lviv. Dresses of detention are in Lviv, Drohobych, Brody, Chervonograde, Sambor, Skole, Zolocheve, Striy, Radekhiv Novoyavorivsk and Vynnyky. The purpose of GEO - reliable security systems, user-friendly and most cheap. Ideally, the criminal who face a system that is on the islandGEO disarmament, there should be even desire to break it or sabotage. GSO staff engaged not only secure their facilities, but also provide practical assistance to service traffic police, municipal regional police. The groups reportedly detained duty of Lviv region in an average day is made from 3 to 6 trips to the scene ofI unlawful acts. Dresses are a single deployment of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region regularly take part in the search for stolen vehicles and put on working off operational plans ("interception", "Siren", etc.). On account SSS - the prevention of bullying, robbery. The police detained rapists, cheaters, people likeand encroached on other people by car. There were seizure knives. Overall SSS Lviv offers the following services: - Protection of a police officer; - Protection of the civilian guards with weapons; - Protection of the civilian guards; - Support funds that carry their authorized representatives of the Customer on a vehicle GEO; - Support cashfacilities that are transported by authorized persons Client on a vehicle owner; - Protection through technical means; - Maintenance of means of protection. State Security Service - the only structure in Ukraine, which provides armed with firearms safety and working on security market over 60 years. SSS operates on the principles hosprozrasettlements obtained for the organization and implementation of contracts measures of personal and property safety of citizens and legal persons. SSS - the only one in Ukraine enforcement agencies, which have the right to provide customers with armed guards contracts. It provides a full range of security services throughout Ukraine. To order, please contact Healthphone number 0800-502-220, 0800-211-000. Landline calls within Ukraine are free. UDSO at the Interior Ministry Ukraine Lviv region