In the Rivne region Mlyniv police detained a man who had gone into court

During the operational and preventive measures called "surveillance" employees Mlyniv District Police established location-finding and arrested 27-year-old Andrew villagers Novoselivka that Mlynivschyni. Back in January, it announced in public buszshuk by concealing from the court. On the seat of the man investigators reported local sheriff Vladimir Kovalchuk. It turned out that in the autumn of 2014 Andrew has committed theft TV in Radomyshlskaya in Zhytomyr region. Guilty of this crime denies, so avoid trial, lasting for part 3 of Article 185 Kryminalnoho Code of Ukraine (theft, combined with penetration into dwelling, other premises or storage). Andrew previously convicted for committing property crimes threaten the penalty of imprisonment from 3 to 6 years. Olesya Bondarets, Mlyniv PB (service Demidov and Mlyniv areas) MIA