Over 200 athletes Vinnichiny become winners and winners of national competitions in 2014 (+ photos)

During 2014 in the field of regional finals held 173 sports events, which attracted more than 16,000 people. This was discussed during the final board on the results of physical culture and sports organizations of the region in 2014year, which took place on March 18, 2015 with the participation of Deputy Governor Igor Ivasyuka. The structure of the national team of Ukraine Olympic sport in 2014 were enrolled vinnichan 196 (+15 vs. 2013), including: the basic structure - 59 candidates - 65 provision - 72 persons. With non-Olympic villagePort in 2014 - 165 (+17 vs. 2013). The number of members of the national team of the State of Vinnytsia region increases annually, it is a confirmation of our quality coaching faculty. A significant achievement is that the number of candidates to participate in the Games XXXI Olympiad in. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 2015 Minmolodsportom included 18 athletes, including the elite group of athletes: Nicholas Butsenko (boxing), Anna Pysmenska (diving) and Joyce Cobb (athletics). Reference: The most important in 2014 were performances by these athletes and teams: - Vitaly Holyuka - World Championship silver medalist in rowing and canoeing in the relay200 meters (canoe) race held in Moscow 06-10.08.2014 year (coach athlete ZTU Alexander Tkachev); - Anne Pysmenskoyi, who won a bronze medal in diving with three-meter springboard at the European Championships in water sports, held 23.08.2014 in Berlin (Germany) and other athletes (athlete's coach, Diane ZTUand Kulberi); - Victor Kiforenka, which was twice the bronze medal at the European Championships in jumping on the trampoline (acrobatic track), held on 9-12.04.2014 in Portugal (coach athlete Michael ZTU Trofymenko); - John Chuprynka - champion and world record in 2014 in powerlifting (bench press), held on 05.21.2014 in of Denmark. Whistpayuchy 66-67,5 kg category, he set a world record with a score of 238 kg. (Coach athlete ZTU Vadim Mohnyk); - Joyce Koba, who won a silver medal II Summer Youth Olympic Games in running for a distance of 200 meters. Competitions were held 08.24.2014 in the city. Nanjing (China coach athlete Vladimir Proshyn); - Teams "Olympia-Ear-Cekvoya "which won silver medals of European Champions Cup" Trophy "of hockey in the final second only to players from Ireland. Total Cup 8 teams participated clubs of foreign countries (coaches, ZTU Paul Mazur and Nicholas Kasyanchuk); According to the results of sporting events, in addition to the above athletes and coaches to 10 of the bestincluded Svetlana Rymkevych - MSU Rowing BC (4th European Championship, coach - Sergey Butenko ZTU); Nazar Nazarenko, MSU (2nd place FIFA World Pankration coach - Vladislav party); Victoria Tsyupa - MSUMK sumo (1st place European Championships sumo coach, ZTU Vaja Daiauri) and Irina Bui - MSUMK Biathlon (7th XI Winter Paralimpiyskyh Games in Sochi, coach - Sergei Curly). Some sporting achievements with Olympic athletes play sports, namely team of hockey - multiple champion of Ukraine, winner and winner of international competitions; men's and women's volleyball teams participating in the championship teams of Ukraine Super League with peopleovicha volleyball team is one of the leaders of the season 2014-2015 years, and women's basketball won bronze medalist Ukraine first league 2014 and in season 2014-2015 years participated in the finals of the state championship among the six best teams league. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration

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