In Lutsk the exhibition postavanhardyzmu

Two artistic worlds, united by one idea of ??modernity and outstanding talent with age amplitude in half a century ... A unique opportunity to see the work first artists Peter Gulin and yenyka in one exposure will receive visitors Gallery of Modern Art Ukraine "Art Department" (ASC "Adrenaline Siti "m. Lutsk, st. Karbysheva 1). Here March 27 grand opening of the exhibition "Peter yenyk +", which will be presented together about 80 works. "Two contrasts two worlds, united by the idea of ??modernity, philosophical trends ... Other writing and approach, but a common artistic ideology .." - so characterizes the forthcoming Peter Gulin. Bidchuttya philosophical infinity, the expression on canvas and some constant understatement covers, covers with invisible but intuitively perceptible haze all those immersed in the world of paintings by Ukrainian postavanhardysta Peter Gulin. Its dynamic images cause uncontrollable desire to shaping, expressive saturation space, consisting inozayiku geometric planes and colored spots that spontaneously infused into odd shapes and contours of images. It would seem self-sufficiency and philosophical calmness of his work is not necessary and should not be confused with anything else ... However, it is emotional harmony and work vzayemopronyknist living classics and young artist under the name yenyk create neporeintro- duction combination, full creative expression powerful tandem of two talented artists. In the works of young artists displayed Copyright metaphorical thinking combined genres of minimalism, abstract expressionism and surrealism aesthetics. Background: Peter Gulin - Honored Artist of Ukraine. Born June 24, 1942. to Winnierank. 1968. graduated from Lviv College of Applied Arts. I.Trush 1977. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine 1995. Member of the Union of Artists of the Czech Republic multiple winner of Ukrainian and international competitions "Art Book" and competition "Artist and Book" 1985. Winner of Biennale EXLIBRUSA, Vilnius (Lithuania) 2007.Winner of Lviv International Autumn Salon "High Castle" 2008. First Prize Lviv International Autumn Salon "High Castle" Participant in numerous international biennials and triennial. Participated in many regional, the All ­ ing, national and international exhibitions. The first exhibition of Ukrainian avant-garde in London (England) - 1990.Solo exhibitions were held: Moscow (Russia) - 1976 .; Uzhhorod - 1981 .; Mukachevo - 1981. .; Warsaw and Katowice (Poland) - 1982 ,; Warsaw (Poland) -1985r .; Uzhgorod, 1992; Kyiv, 1993 .; Andy Museum Varhola, Mizhlabortsi (Slovakia) -1993r .; Prague, Karlovy Vary, Cheb (Czech Republic), Bratislava, Kosice (Slovakia) - 1994 .; Lions - 1995 .; Praha (Czech Republic) -1996r; Humenne, Svidnik (Slovakia) -1997r .; Luck, Lviv, Drohobych, Lviv - 2007 .; Lions - 2008 ,; Lions - 2009. His works are in many museums and private collections in Ukraine and the world: Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Xorvatiya, Italy, Germany, Russia, Norway, United Kingdom. yenyk - 2004-2010 studied in Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts. I.Trush / restoration of works of art /. Since 2008 exhibited in group, regional and international exhibitions. His works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. 2014 - Persiancur- Exhibition / Gallery Gary Bowman / Lviv. This was reported in Lutsk City Council