Head of Rivne police: "The police gradually get rid of employees who nullify the trust of the people"

Employees of the SBU exposed the criminal activities of a detective units Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region. The policeman demanded and received from citizen undue benefits amounting to two thousand UAHcover crime. Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings conducted by prosecutor's office. Detective already reported on suspicion of committing a crime under part 3 of article 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (bribery). He was elected as a preventive measure in the form of house arrest clock. For negligence inthe performance of official duties, namely misconduct in October 2013 by the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region detective was dismissed from the police. In March 2014 the Court of Appeal Zhytomyr updated it to the police. In addition, the prosecutor's office sent to the court of criminal indictment Leadtion relative to the policeman on charges of abuse of office, which then Rivne City Court closed. - Continuing on conferences and classes of service training I personally warn all heads of industry services and municipal regional area of ??inadmissibility extortion and bribes from citizens personnel - commentedsituation head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region Sergei Maximov. - My personal principled position is that all offenders must bear the appropriate punishment. Police of Rivne gradually pozbavlyatymetsya of employees who nullify the people's confidence in the police. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region