Chernihiv region, the burning of dry vegetation and debris killed two people

For the past day in Chernihiv due to burning of dry vegetation and debris killed two people, destroyed or damaged buildings and structures 7, burned 17 ha. March 19th at 15:30 to the Rescue « 101 » in the area in KoryukovkaEid police officers received a report about the death of 86-year-old mistress in the village. Syadryno. How can ’ it turned out, retired burned remains of vegetation on its own plot. Because of the strong wind flame ’ I spread on dry grass and began to spread rapidly in economic building. A woman alone tried to extinguish the fire at handmeans. During this time she became ill. She lost consciousness and fell into the grass, which was burning. The woman received burns and died at the scene. For an hour a similar incident occurred in the city. Nosivka. 85-year-old woman to own plots burned dry grass. Gust fire began to spread rapidly in different directions, so the hostess withtried to extinguish the flame ’ i. However, inhaled smoke she fainted and fell into the fire. For investigation conducted into the death. In connection ’ connection with this, the rescue once again call on citizens to adhere to the rules of fire and environmental safety. Remember that burning dry vegetation and debris is strictly prohibited. Keep St.OE life and property from fire. Be careful and cautious, because fire does not forgive mistakes. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region