In the Zhytomyr region traffic police appeals to car owners asking responsibly to save your own car

in January throughout the entire Ukraine Ukraine registered increase in illegal zavolodin road. SAI is conducting a series of comprehensive measures to combat theft of vehicles, the raids on roads, checkpoints,auto check for more. However, police point out citizens who often transport becomes food for thieves because of carelessness most car owners. Most illegal traffic zavolodin registered in the capital. Compared to January 2014 their number in Kiev has more than tripled, Donetsk and Luhansk oblaststhey also added hassle guards. But residents of other regions as well you should not lose vigilance. "Drivers are sometimes too safe that definitely" on hand "attackers - says Head of traffic police Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anatoliy Sirenko -" instead of simple rules can significantly increase the security of the car. " In particular, Mr.ratsivnyky traffic police recommend: - Equip the car not only signaling, but also mechanical device against kidnapping; - Use the services and parking garages that are protected, not park your car at night near a dwelling house or porch without supervision; - Do not leave the keys to the car workers stations, car washes and unfamiliarof people; - In any case not save documents inside a car - that you not only complicate his quest, but also create favorable conditions to manage your kidnappers transport; - Always lock the car, even if you need to leave for at least one minute; - Do not leave valuables in cars. Typically, many felldkah prey thieves are GPS-navigators, video, radio, speakers. From the car just "lost" bags, laptops and mobile phones. Thus thieves spoil door locks, break glass, causing extensive damage over time more than the value of stolen property; - If you see suspicious people who try to stealand the vehicle or remove it from state license plates - immediately report to the department of internal affairs. In the case of hijacking, immediately call "102". Information received by the police officers quickly, enabling them to immediately start the search. This will increase the chances of finding criminals and stolen vehicle sowb. Press Service of the Department Road traffic police Ukraine