Lutsk city championship in volleyball by step to finish the group stage

Sunday, m.Mlyniv in Rivne region, there was a 4th round games IV-th Open Championship Lutsk Volleyball men's teams of the season 2014-2015 years. The home area "Energy" m. Mills in the first round match confidently won the regional team KDYUSSH 1 centDistrict 3: 0. In the second game, the championship leader, Lutsk "Olyurtrans" effortlessly, with dry 3: 0 won team bearing plant "SKF Ukraine." After the defeat, making certain conclusions from the previous game and change their tactical "SKF Ukraine in. Luck entered the game against the team KDYUSSH 1 only win because losing points on FiniAI preliminary stage could influence the separating teams. Seizing situation at the site of the first minutes "SKF Ukraine" won a landslide victory in the game with 3: 0. Last round game between masters and deck Lutsk "Olyurtrans" was the real gem for the spectators who came to support their team today. Teams pochergovo had initiated during the game. Only in the decisive fifth party people Mlyniv wall and crazy fans support "energy" allowed her to defeat Luciano in the game with a score of 3: 2. Regardless of the outcome of the last round, the team decided that continue to fight for the championship this year's awards. So tournament positionabove teams after games 4th round: Place Teams AND REGULATION 1 "Olyurtrans" (Luck) May 6 January 18 2 SKF "Ukraine" (Luck) May 6 January 14 3 "beard" (Kovel) March 6 March 11 4 "Energy" (Mills) June 4 February 10 5 RAPS (Kuznetskov) 4 1 3 2 6 of Dreams (Luck) 4 0 4 1 7 KDYUSSH number 1 "(Luck) 4 0 4 0 The last round of the Open Championship in Lutsk Volleyball men's teamsSeason 2014-2015 years on 15 March in Lutsk on-site team Eastern European National University of Lesya Ukrainian. This was reported in Lutsk City Council