Khmelnytsky region, during the day pyrotechnics DSNS destroyed 59

Munitions March 20 at 11 am sappers of pyrotechnic works Emergency and rescue team from the Main Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region and removed in the space provided destroyed artillery shell caliber 76 mm, Waseve discovered in the village. Tyranivka Khmelnitsky region. On the same day, at 14:00 in the space pyrotechnics destroyed 28 artillery shells 76 mm, six hand grenades, mortar shell and fuse to artillery shells that were found during the test survey area pyrotechnics with. M ’ yakoty Iziaslav area.In addition, on March 19 sappers destroyed in a special place 12 artillery shells 76 mm and 10 sappers to them that were found March 18 in the village. M ’ yakoty Iziaslav District during the control survey area. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast