In the Volyn region take care of the safety of children in the way of the modern state roads

not too safe, and children, pedestrians and children passengers - quite vulnerable category in terms of urban roads with busy traffic. Therefore, you should pay a key point to ensure the safety of young road users. Most importantly - Children chair Where necessaryto carry out a special chair for transportation of small Children can be no doubt - this device makes transportation babies much safer. In his choice to take into account age, weight and height baby. Many models have internal seat belts. The design of the lock-buckles must be such that a small child could selfyno vidstebnutysya. Rules of conduct car This item is no less important because the older the child becomes, the more difficult it sit place. Often, it is the children distracted drivers and those not cope with the management. So young restless need to learn some rules binding performance. Here are some of them: - The baby should not withoutparents' permission to try to open the car door or window; - It should not unfasten the seat belt until the stopping of the vehicle; - Do not let baby be in the back seat with his back while moving (if it is provisions stipulated design child seat). UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region