In Uzhgorod journalists checked countryman response to

hijackers Journalists "Channel 21" simulated situation robber attacked the girl in Uzhgorod, hoping for a reaction of passers-by. However, many passers assist women dared only 70-year-old grandfather ... Now the files of Uzhgorod Gorotdel police - a few dozenpickpockets. Most "schypachi" work on public transport and in public places. How to help, if you are a victim of thieves pocket, and if you help ordinary citizens? It decided to test in an experiment journalists "Channel 21". The experiment was conducted in good faith journalists right in the heart Uzhhorda. SituationsI was next, she stopped to talk with a friend. Meanwhile thief - the guy in the hood and a backpack on his back - initially eyeing the victim and then steals her purse ... The experiment was conducted in the center of the so-called rush hour during lunch break. However, all passers assist women dared only seventyyrichnyy Mr. Vladimir ... - Here two opinions can not be. I never would have passed by seeing that. If a thief climbed into your pocket, I would have grabbed him by the hand. If he could catch up - ran to him - said indifferent people. Unfortunately, others indifferent passers saw as a thief robbed the victim. From all this begs the disappointing conclusion: theaccomplished passers-by for help is not necessary ... As the proverb says, if he does not take care of yourself - do not take care of you no ... - Do not keep large sums of money and valuables in pockets. The trainers their bags and wallets hide in an inside pocket. If you are robbed, and before me have no phone to call the police, remember - it fFor such situations, workers control State Service of the Ministry of Interior established a button emergency police - said the head of technical services UDSO Andrew Aleksyk area. The shops, cafes and pharmacies or other facilities where the door is the inscription "Urgent call the police", you can easily apply to the staff of aboutrequest to press "disturbing" button. In minutes to arrive at the scene of a police patrol. Actually, journalists tested the effectiveness of this. Checking GSO staff were honorably. - For two minutes the police arrived on the scene. Frankly, we did not expect such a speed. After this experiment advise residents to explore MonthsThis where the help button - says Natalia Ignaz journalist that, in fact, conducted an experiment. So take care of yourself, because solicitude and God saves! UDSO at MIA Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region