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In the Zhytomyr Oblast night fire rescue eliminated 2.5 acres

dead March 19 at 10:45 at the point called ’ communications 14th state of the Fire and Rescue village Narodychi was reported dry grass fire near the village of New advisory. Fire was seen in the village, they called rescuers. Upon arrival to the sitecall firefighters from ’ yasuvaly, burning dry grass area of ??about 0.3 hectares. Flame ’ I quickly spread to the side of buildings, which was about 50 meters. Locate fire at 11:40 and managed to completely eliminate at 12:25, thus saving the villagers built them from tipping over fire. The same day the fire area likvidovuvaly dry vegetation fire in the village Ivanivka Korostensky district. Fortunately there were no casualties and significant damage. However, a fire destroyed about 2.5 hectares dead. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region