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In exactly another driver offender punished

Traffic police officers brought to administrative responsibility of the driver of the car "Peugeot" who violated traffic rules on Pushkin Street in Rivne. March 18, one of Rivne sites laid out next Photo-fact violation of traffic rules. This time the driver of the car "Peugeot" left his Maynsportnyy way on the sidewalk, the most violated Section. 15.10 SDA. On the driver "Peugeot", 29-year-old Valeria, inspectors were administrative protocol for Part 1 of Art. 122 CAO and made the decision to impose a fine of 255 USD. However, the driver was not the cars according to their abuse, and compiling traffic police on him, officetrative protocol will challenge in court. As explained helmsman, stop the car was forced due to the malfunction of the vehicle. We remind our drivers, in accordance with the Rules of the road in case of forced stop the vehicle driver must set the warning triangle and turn on the alarm. Employees Derzhavtoinspektsiyi urge all drivers to strict compliance with traffic rules and respect. Remember that only together we will be able to bring order to the road network. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine Rivne region