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Zhytomyr under the wheels of a passenger car hit a moped driver

According to preliminary data, the driver did not provide an advantage in movement leaders moped. March 18 about 20.00 m. Zhitomir on the street. Gogol, the driver OPEL COMBO, 43-year-old local resident, moving from the street. East towards the street. Borodiya while turning left onto adjacenthome territory not given preference in motion scooter SUZUKI, running zhytomyryanyna was moving in the opposite direction. Because accidents moped driver, 1992r.n., Injured and taken to the hospital. Dear citizens! Analyzing traffic accidents, it should be noted that the vast majority of accidents happenthrough carelessness and safety of road users. Therefore, State car reminds one should not neglect their life or health. It is worthwhile to warn both drivers and pedestrians that only traffic enforcement will reduce the number of accidents and traffic accidents. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region