On the occasion of the anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine Vasyl Transcarpathians honored Hrendzha-Don

March 15, 2015 as part of commemoration of the 76th anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine nationalists gave honor of Basil Hrendzhi-Don, born Intermountain. About a hundred residents and guests visited the town square near the monument countryman. &Quot; In the fall of 1938 Rockin March 16 1939 Basil Stapanovych was an active figure in the Carpathian Ukraine, became the first and last editor " Government Official Gazette of the Carpathian Ukraine & quot ;. After the occupation of Hungary independent Ukrainian state was badly beaten in prison and concentration camps. However, with the onset of autumn 1939 he escaped from persecutionb Hungarian regime in Bratislava, where he worked as an accountant. Events 1938-39 years connected with the building of the Carpathian Ukraine, he dedicated his book of memoirs " Happiness and sorrow Carpathian Ukraine. Basil Hrendzha-Don is the author now known song " floating duck on Yew & quot ;. After all, it was about Carpathian Sich fighters, many of whom were fromamordovano Hungarian invaders & quot ;, - said in his speech writer Tomas Tomas. Director intermountain District of PA " Freedom " Vasily Baran emphasized the need for the repair area around the monument Basil Hrendzhi-Don and kobzar Taras Sylenko took an honor to sing authorship figure Carpatskoyi Ukraine " floating duck on Yew & quot ;. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "