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Nearly 2.5 thousand. Vinnichan received in January and February of electronic keys

Among these, about 2 thousand - is an individual taxpayers. In general, for two months in 2015 by electronic means has reported more than 39 thousand vinnichan. 69% of all tax payers reports sent by electronic means, which is more 181tysyachi. After service "Elethe electron cabinet payer "received 3382 reports. Director of Fiscal Services notes that the increasing number of users of electronic services - proves their ease of use. And also recalls that the current campaign is the declaration of income and file a declaration possible through electronic service "Declaration on-line" if the person iselectronic key. To get it, you need to contact one of the accredited certification in Vinnytsia, Zhmerinskiy or Kryzhopolsky LIGHTS. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration