In an accident in Ternopil one person killed, three - in the hospital

One person was killed and three were hospitalized as a result of the accident that happened last night on the road Domanovo-Kovel-Chernivtsi Terebleche, near the village Nahiryanka Chortkivsk area. Two cars collided - VOLKSWAGEN Transporter and VOLKSWAGEN LT 35 ". According to Inspector sector preventive work of the regional traffic police Ihnatchenka Nicholas, VOLKSWAGEN Transporter, which kermuvav resident Chortkivsk area, moving toward Zalischyky, collided with oncoming VOLKSWAGEN LT 35" driven by a resident of the Volyn region. The accident chortkivchanyn died on the spot accidents. Tothe time of the accident in his avtivtsi passengers were not. In addition to other foreign car driver rode three other passengers - two foreigners and one citizen of Ukraine who temporarily resides abroad. They were all with various injuries were taken to Chertkovskaya central district hospital. According to preliminary data, the cars were serviceable, and dry road without youBoeing. Details of the event included in the Single Register of pre-trial investigations under article 286 part 2 of the Criminal Code - breach of traffic safety, causing death. Guardians appeal to anyone who witnessed the accident, contact the telephone numbers 12/27/91, 27-13-29, or on line 102. Ongoing investigation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopilthe second region