Police are investigating a fact Volyn resistance forestry workers

Foresters got nuts on duty. By the duty of the stone Kashyrsky District Police Ukraine Volyn Oblast received information from employees of SE "Stone-Kashyrskyi forestry" that person did not know they resisted. Prejudicial rosesFollowing established that foresters, while in raid revealed offender - 20-year resident of the area, which made illegal felling of dead pine and carrying it on his own cart. When documenting committed above national administrative offense under Art. 65 CAO, young man with villagersWhich later came to the scene, the victim intentionally inflicted wound. Investigative Branch stone Kashyrsky police department started preliminary inquiry under Part. 1, Art. 28 (commission of a crime by a group of people) and ch. 2, Art. 342 (resistance to authorities, law enforcement officer, a member of a public building with public orderand the state border or soldiers) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Hope TOROKANETS, Stone Kashyrskyi District Police Ukraine Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/