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Vinnichchina interested in deepening economic, cultural and scientific relations with the State of Israel (+ photos)

March 19 Vinnytsia region with the first official visit Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine Mr. Eliab Byelotserkovski. For a discussion of promising areas of cooperation diplomat met with theRegional State Administration and Regional Council. Congratulating the Ambassador on Podolski land, RSA chairman Valery Cow noted that between Vinnytsia region and Israel have developed a close relationship, which further worsened after the Israeli partners help in opening a diagnostic center in the winery. In the context ofhealth care reform that continues in the experience of Israeli colleagues, said Valery Cow for Vinnichiny very important. "We have very good relationships and business, especially given the agrarian region. Over the last year export enterprises of Ukraine Vinnitsa region in Israel increased by 75%. Against the background of the problemsWe have emerged in the Russian Federation regarding exports, it is very important ", - the Head of Vinnitsa region. RSA chairman said that the overall situation in the area is calm, the region develops. Moreover, now Vinnichchine implemented some very powerful projects in manufacturing and Ruralwho farm. However, Valery Cow noted the active work of Jewish organizations and volunteers in the region and stressed that in this difficult time supporting Israel to Ukraine is very important. Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine Eliab Byelotserkovski, in turn, noted that historically the cityIL Ukraine and the Jewish people established a fairly close relationship, so our government for Israel is an important partner. "In Israel, living between 400 and 500 thousand Jews left the Ukraine. These people are a good basis for the development of relations between our countries, "- said the Ambassador. The diplomat noted the successful cooperation between Ukraine andIsrael in the economic sphere, adding that despite a difficult period for the Ukrainian state, the interest of the Israeli business opportunities for cooperation rather high. However Eliab Byelotserkovski said that Israel has a very good aviazv'yazky of Kyiv and is currently working on opening flights from Kharkiv and Lviv. So one of the issues for obhovorennya, on conviction diplomat may be able to connect to the program and the winery. The meeting also discussed the prospects of cooperation in providing medical, psychological and social rehabilitation participants ATO. And yet discussed the possibility of cooperation in the scientific field. "The main scope of the Embassy of Israelin Ukraine focused on humanitarian projects, especially - in medicine and psychological support. Next week is scheduled to visit Ukraine chief coordinator of the MFA on Health. We arrange him a visit to the winery. I hope that the results of this visit will be able to consider new joint projects "- noteas Ambassador. Yet one of the most promising areas of cooperation is agriculture. Powerful agricultural potential of Vinnytsia, by conviction head of the region Valery Koroviya needs of modern Israeli technology and investment in the processing of agricultural products. With this thesis agreed and Mr. OnSol, then invited vinnichan the largest agrarian exhibition which will be held soon in Israel. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration