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In the Zhytomyr Oblast man looking metal ammunition ran 20

March 17, paragraph called ’ communications 16th state of the Fire and Rescue m. Radomishl was reported detection of suspicious objects in the village. Potashnya. How can ’ it turned out, 31 years « hunter metal » explored the area near shelterbelts. Peasantcame across an unknown discoveries like ammo. The man did not dig them out of the land, and announced the discovery rescue service « 101 & raquo ;. Experts DSNS who came to the place, call the place inspected identify suspicious objects and began to remove one by one shell. Nadzvychaynyky ammunition identified as 4 artillery snaryadi caliber 152 mm, 15 mortar shells caliber 77 mm and 1 hand grenade F-1. Incidentally, the latter finding although there were no checks, but with enthusiasm. Experts DSNS fenced place immediately detect explosive devices, police and organized by him on duty. Tomorrow, March 19, pyrotechnics Management DSNS Zhytomyr will gofrom. Potashnya to destroy ammunition. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region