Volyn region, pyrotechnics improved professional skills

Volyn land is still littered with the debris of their ammunition and time of the first and second world wars. The ability to accurately and professionally conduct demining areas of life depends pyrotechnics Rescue « 101 & raquo ;, as well as our countryman. Therefore, determining the degree of readinesspersonnel to perform assigned tasks, improving the skills of handling explosives and blasting agents is an important algorithm coordination tasks, Stand ’ knitted with clearance and destruction of explosive devices. March 18 experts of pyrotechnic works special rescue unitdestination management DSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region had special educational fees. First pyrotechnics repeated and deepened theoretical knowledge, strengthened observance of safety issues while performing tasks providing first aid for wounds and bleeding. Then worked fire and electrical disruption methodsin, solid demining organization. These training meetings are held annually in the spring, during the activation field work, because in this period significantly increases the number of detected dangerous population finds. Only in 2014 Volyn pyrotechnics units destroyed 7217 explosive devices. UDSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/