Debaltsevo 25 children placed in the Nikopol boarding school "Harmony"

young immigrants from Donetsk, who were more than 2 months in rehabilitation at the center of "Salty Estuary" will remain in Dnipropetrovsk. March 17 students moved to Nikopol. They will study reside in the Nikopol boarding - school "Harmony".The move was organized by the Department of Criminal Police Juvenile Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region. In physiotherapeutic hospital "Salty Estuary" Novomoskovsk rayon three children were health changes. During this time the children rested, caught up with the curriculum and received quality medical and psychological toassistance. Students treated under a separate program developed by doctors resort. The school - boarding gladly accepted students and members of the parent committee. The establishment has all facilities for comfortable living and learning. About how Debal'tsevo children spent the first day in a new place, said Vitaly Bodnaruk, HeadDepartment of Criminal Police Juvenile Interior Ministry Donetsk, who went to Dnipropetrovsk and personally oversaw the relocation and resettlement of Debaltsevo students. "Children adapt quickly to close the routine of the institution. They do not have to be sad. The "Harmony" painted on the minutes of the day: sports, art sections, the learning process, ekskursiyi and race. The training program in boarding - school "Harmony" provides comprehensive child development "- said Lt. Bodnaruk. On the eve of moving settlers from Debaltsevo visited and Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin. General gave students mobiles. students were presented and starter packsmobile in order to enable them to communicate with parents and family who remained in the area ATO. Press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Donetsk region