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Lutsk city hospitals actively introduce new technology to

members of the executive committee of local government representatives appealed rapid response organization "Volyn Self-Defense" for action against violators of the regime of silence March 14 at the night club "Opera". It is when the bodies of two dead in ATO to carry the Holy Trinity GSSORU, despite the announcement in the day of mourning, near the entertainment venue called for ten minutes there were fireworks. Samooboronivtsi asked the chief of the Lutsk MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region Igor flour haulage conduct a transparent investigation into the offense. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk called it a shameful act and appointSee Igor flour carts to investigate the issue under his personal control. Also given protocol commission to study the work of the institution at night. Head of Health Fedor purse reported to the executive committee of the City Council on the implementation of the City Improvement Program reproductive health. He said that in Lutsk Kleenechnomu nursing home in 2014 made 4876 births, born 4955 children. Each obstetric department of available medicines for first aid for bleeding. The department perenatalnoyi diagnosis and antenatal clinic register is implemented and hereditary diseases. A continuous training on quiltsatalnyh technologies, antenatal care, infection control, resuscitation of newborns, evidence-based medicine and family planning. Introduced voluntary health counseling premarital couples. Due to budget funds were provided adequate obstetric care women participants ATO. Regularly propahaNDA healthy lifestyle hygiene and sexual education of the population, especially adolescents in secondary schools and higher educational institutions of the city and distributed informational materials on reproductive health family planning, safe motherhood and responsible parenthood HIV / AIDS disease thatsexually transmitted abortion, drug abuse, smoking and tuberculosis. The media constantly covered issues reproductive health and family planning. Young couples who decide to get married, if necessary, provided medical and genetic, psychological, advisory services concerning family life and saveing reproductive health. Developed reminder of the importance of premarital counseling for pregnant couples, which seems pair when applying. Manufacturing cards "Information for pregnant and her family" "pregnant women", "Expectant mother." The measures contained in the Programme in 2014, carried out with funds providedestimates of total institutions. According to the speaker, unfortunately, due to insufficient budgetary allocations, not the means to provide urban likprofzakladiv modern medical equipment and facilities, as envisaged by the Programme. Weighty addition to the budget for the implementation of the Programme gave financial and material contributionsBenefactors (634 thousand. USD). In their funds were acquired medical equipment (fetal monitor, 2 laryngoscopes, defibrillator, monitor the patient's blood glucose meters, distiller), property (refrigerators, furniture, air conditioners), medicines and supplies for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Due to the charitable fund "New Luck" bookmarkHades was provided as expensive drug "Kurosorf" to treat premature infants. Substantial assistance for tasks Applications received clinical hospital within Ukrainian-Swiss program "Mother and Child Health" and of the "Together for Healthy Future", funded by the US Agency for International Development.During the Program efforts of health workers achieved major outcomes - namely, to stabilize infant mortality, prevent maternal deaths, increase the number of children who are breastfed for 6 months to 66.4 per cent and common children to 93.9 percent, reduceand the incidence of anemia among pregnant women, hemolytic disease in newborns, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, maternity supervision to ensure that 98 percent of pregnant women, increase the use of modern means of preventing unplanned pregnancy and more. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that thesescrap have been many in urban medicine introducing new technologies, children who are born in Lutsk, less sick. He thanked the executive committee present at the head of the medical institutions of the city for work and expressed hope that Luciana are satisfied provision of health services. This was reported in Lutsk City Council