In Ternopil rescuers continue the action " Prevent. Save. Help. &Quot;

March 17 in kindergarten « Sun » Kozova District held a public campaign « Prevent. Save. Help. " Emergency personnel to teach kids actions in emergency situations. Kids and educators introducedwith the order of actions when receiving a warning signal of a threat or emergency "Attention all". Showed that is the "emergency suitcase" designed to maximize rapid evacuation of the danger zone than it should be completed. Employees of the State Emergency Services explained how to deal withdetection of suspicious and explosive devices, gave examples of the terrible consequences of non-compliance with safety requirements in the following cases and demonstrated themed videos. Such actions are very useful and informative for the younger generation. Rescuers Ternopil important that the younger generation was most familiar with the issues withoutsafety of life and could protect themselves in an emergency.