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In the Rivne region prosecutors found local officials to obtain more than half a million hryvnia undue advantage

March 17, Rivne Oblast Prosecutor's Office in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs OCD in exposed during soliciting and obtaining undue advantage of one of the heads of village councils Rivne region and surveyor of ruralCouncil. - Village head demanded and received from a citizen 504 thousand USD for a positive decision on the allocation of the last land area of ??0.25 hectares near the water body - said Deputy Prosecutor Andrew Borovik Rivne region. - A few hours later, received this citizen 50 thousand USD and rural plannerCouncil, which was to assist in the preparation of relevant documents with registration of title to land, - said the prosecutor. Control of the commission of said offense provided prosecutors engaged procedural guidance in the criminal proceedings launched in November 2014 in the ch. 3. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (extortion inappropriateher benefits on a large scale by officials by prior agreement). Officials detained in accordance with Article. 208 Code of Ukraine. The issue of their ads suspicion of having committed a specified offense and election last preventive measure. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office