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Chernihiv City Council will strengthen supervision of the passenger carriers

Chernihiv City Council will strengthen control over the work on passenger carriers operating on city routes. This was announced by First Deputy Mayor Nicholas Mirgorodsky that on behalf of Mayor Alexander Sokolov held a meeting on an increasedin the quality of public transport. It was attended by members of the public, Head of Transport and Communications of the City Council Vladimir Voronin and Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the City Council Roman Mykolayenko. According to M. Mirgorodskogo all carriers, trucks are not left on route 16 March, and have violatedconditions of the City Council concluded agreements warned. "If the situation persists again - contracts will be terminated unilaterally by the court" - said First Deputy Mayor. Also entities that carry passenger in the relevant agreements offered to sign an additionaland agreements which provide for increased control of carriers. "Conditions have 100% agreement to follow and be provided with quality services", - said M. Mirgorodsky. Also, the relevant Deputy Mayor promised to consider the introduction of a new transportation network in the city, which was at one time worked with experts Chernihiv Nazistional University of Technology. The cost of travel in public transport will be considered in April. The official expressed hope that greater control over the operation of passenger transport and the public to actively join the city, because these issues are all Chernihiv. Irina Synelnyk