In the Transcarpathian region prosecutor's office defended the right of children to free meals in schools

Transcarpathian District Administrative Court granted two administrative proceedings Prosecutor town of Mukachevo in the public interest to protect minors who are enrolled in pre-school and secondary schools, including a graces categories. According to the City Prosecutor Victor Dankanych Mukachevo, the court declared illegal and canceled the decision of the Executive Committee of Mukachevo City Council on January 23, 2015 « On the organization of nutrition of children in pre-school and pre-school educational units – educational complexes « & raquo Harmony; and « Primrose & raquo ;, which was broken legitimate right to free meals in pre-school children of the city, which brought in seven low-income ’ Yah, and consequently, the constitutional principles of local self-government. Also canceled and decision of the « About the organization Food certain categories of students in zahalnoosother fields schools & raquo ;, which students in grades 1-4 were wrongfully deprived of free meals, the violation of their rights. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region