Svyatoslav Kravchuk: " PUD "Weasel" one of the best thanks to the work of the head "

on the work of the municipal enterprise "Weasel" at a meeting of the executive committee of the City Council spoke director Bohdan Novarchuk. She focused on the fact that the reduction in the number of complaints Lutsk on dog bites. According to the speaker, the sessionCity Council was amended on "Rules Pet Lutsk." In particular, they involved the registration of pets and areas for walking pets dependents. Now the city has about 10 thousand domestic dogs, but only 600 of them were registered, two thousand dogs are considered homeless. She said that zaverChenault development of construction documents for the construction of the shelter. Work on receipt of funds from the State Budget and Regional Environment Fund for the construction of shelter in the city. Lutsk. It signed a cooperation agreement between the City Council and English organization "Neychervoch." Foreign organizations assisted with the necessary equipmentCP "Weasel" and recommendations for improvement. Through a joint collaboration was won a grant to purchase a car for business. This year built aviaries, renovated operating room, a room for visitors, post-operative room. Purchased freezers to store food and equipment for capture, medicines,held landscaping. The total number of animals that have been tailored to families this year - 1027. Last year released back to the care of volunteer caregivers, according to the program "Protection of wildlife and the regulation of stray animals" - 115. Among the priority issues to be addressed, Bogdan Novarchuk onCalled setting fence around the shelter. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk said that the City will consider reallocation of funds will be provided for the cost of fencing and lighting animal shelter. First Deputy Mayor Svyatoslav Kravchuk stressed the importance to the city enterprise "Weasel". "It is one of thebest utilities, thanks to the work of the head "- he said. Svyatoslav Kravchuk proposed to require veterinary institutions to register all animals that have the medical care. Nicholas Romaniuk supported this initiative and would at the next meeting of the Executive Committee of the City staff to hear veterinary servedon mechanisms to register animals. This was reported in Lutsk City Council