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Vinnichchina ranked first in terms of production of milk, meat and largest cattle

For two months in 2015 among the regions of Ukraine region ranks first in terms of production of milk, meat, number of cattle including cows. Thus, according to the Department of Agricultural Development of oblderzhadministsense, since the year of all categories produced 104.9 thousand. tons of milk, 73.2 thousand. tons of meat, 102 100 000. eggs. Compared to the same period last year, milk production increased by 3.8 thousand. Tons (3.8%), meat - 11.3 thousand. Tons (18.3%), eggs - 4.7 million. units (4.8%). As of 1 March 2015 in allcategories of farms were kept 311.9 thousand. head of cattle (in farms - 97.4 thousand. head), including: cows - 161.4 thousand. (in farms - 36.1 thousand. head), pigs - 359.5 thousand. (in farms - 105.3 thousand. head), poultry - 25.6 million. heads (in agricultural enterprises - 18.4 mln. heads). Prior year silhosppidpryyemstvamy increased in number of head of cattle - 0.9 thousand. heads, including cows - 0.2 thousand. heads. Rates of production of livestock products obtained by increasing the productivity of farm animals. In farms per cow nadoyeno to 845 kg of milk, or 115 kg (16%) more than in the sameperiod last year. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration