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In Lviv on Sunday pray against anti-Semitism and Nazism

will be held March 21-22 World days of prayer against anti-Semitism and Nazism. The Roman Catholic Parish. John Paul in Lviv attached to the worldwide ecumenical prayer on Sunday, March 22, at 12:00 pm in the chapel of Philosophy and Theology Faculty of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK The press service of the Lviv City Council. When service will be performed traditional songs in Hebrew in modern arrangements. Singing hold Vakshynska Natalia and Eugene now. &Laquo; Days of prayer intention is to highlight the values ??of the roots of Christian culture, which is the Torah and Jewish spiritual pestilencetual heritage. Notable are the words of the Apostle Paul: « Israelites, whose is the adoption and inheritance, and covenants of the law, and the service, and the promises; their fathers, of which Christ is the body that is above all – God blessed for ever » (Rom 9,4-5). Faith in Jesus Christ invites us all to the knowledge of his roots. St. John Paul said:&Laquo; who meets Jesus Christ meets Judaism and its heritage & raquo ;; and during his visit to the synagogue in Rome joked: « Synagogue is barely 2.5 km from the Basilica, and Peter took this road for nearly two thousand years & raquo ;. As a result of the rejection of Christianity and its culture, faced hostility, a manifestation of which was the horror of Nazism and antysemityzmu. This has led to millions of innocent victims. And in our difficult time see what is aggression and hostility & raquo ;, – told the abbot Roman Catholic Parish. John Paul about. Gregory Draus. Told