In Ternopil relatives of soldiers battalion "Zbruch" hinder traffic

March 17, Ternopil few dozen women, according to the filing of the City Council, organized a protest on the roadway on the dam Ternopil Pond. They require demobilize soldiers of the 6th Battalion "Zbruch", which for more than a year servingin the east. Citizens continuously moving pedestrian crossing, thereby impeding traffic. Relatives of soldiers holding banners reading "Bring back the children", "We demand demobilization" and so on. At the scene police work. Traffic police regulate traffic on this stretch of road and detour organized in Maynsportu to avoid congestion. By the way, this is the second action conducted by women. Employees recruiting office and explained the participating authorities have reason to enforce their terms - for demobilization men take some time. The situation is continuing negotiations to stop the protest. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region