In Ternopil ongoing perpetual protest native soldiers of the battalion "Zbruch"

indefinite protest began March 17 in Ternopil native soldiers of the battalion "Zbruch." They require demobilization of troops, after the year of their service expired for 10 March. The activists blocked traffic on the so-called "ring" that area "Dr.uzhba. " Galina Pohlod the village Cats Berezhansky area awaits son. In the area of ??ATO he was more than a year. "They performed their duty, despite the different circumstances - says the woman. - There is a presidential decree on demobilization. Therefore, we insist that our boys were released as soon as possible. " Activists claim that they are willing to stand until pobachatb real action to address the problem. According to the deputy head of the regional state administration Leonid Bytsyury, appropriate treatment and sent to the Administration of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers. "All we can do at the Ternopil region, all appeal to the central government, we have made - said the deputy.- This is the situation, because there was no rotation of soldiers who were preparing the training center of Mukachevo. From there, awaiting completion. Accordingly, only our men released. " According to Leonid A., delayed the process of military exercises, interoperability testing. This caused such a pause. "We understand that leave posturetion is when no replacement is impossible - he said. -We Mind untrained people got to the front. They have to undergo all stages of learning. So we have to wait until all the same replace our men. " Leonid Bytsyura reported information held during the week partial rotation and we zustrichatymemo in Ternopil first partastynu Battalion soldiers "Zbruch." This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration