Across Ukraine started the project "100 thousand books for rural libraries"

March 9, 2015 in the cities of Ukraine began cultural and social project "100 thousand books for rural libraries", launched in cooperation Daria Zholdak Foundation, Club "Circle", Ukrainian Library Association, the International Festival "Book Arsenal" and NGO "Publishers Forum ". Aim - to upgrade rural libraries funds to rural children have access to quality literature and modern - as an academic and artistic. Collection of books continues in secondary educational institutions of Ukraine, who agreed to participate in the project. Books transfer students wishing to participate in benefitsodiynoho collection; Library funds to BIS shares are involved. Transfer books for rural libraries students can to April 17. Educational institutions, which at this stage are willing to join the project and help with the collection of quality literature for children in rural areas may become parties by completing the registration form by callingholes ( Join CEI member last until April 2. Gathered in education literature will be given to those villages that are located in their area. Details on the conditions of the charity collection "100 thousand books for rural libraries" can be read by calling / This was reported in the Zakarpattia Oblast Administration