In the Transcarpathian region in Red Poly honored heroes Carpathian Sich

March 14, 2015 Transcarpathian nationalists and guests attended the memorial edge " Red Field & quot ;. At this point in '76 because there was a big fight with soldiers Carpathian Sich Hungarian invaders. Transcarpathian Svoboda organized a rally-requiem in programsand commemorating the anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine. Nationalists edge commemorated soldiers Carpathian Sich, who during 14-18 March 1939 kept the defense Carpathian Ukraine. &Quot; March 15 First Soim declared independent state with all its attributes. The fighting continued in several ways. One of the heaviest fighting was in Red Poly.It was attended by high-school students Sevlyushskoyi (Vynogradiv) school led by Professor Ukrainian language and history of Jacob rabble. March 14, 1939 newly formed troops during clashes Czech soldiers and Carpathian Sich in the village armed with Queen then took part in the fighting & quot ;, - told svobodivets Tomas Tomas. Near townemorialu gathered some historians and eyewitnesses of the events. After the prayer for the dead heroes were the historian Bogdan Galaiko, svobodivka Irina Harmasiy, Honored Artist of Ukraine Taras Sylenko and many others. Participants completed a rally-requiem Ukraine anthem performance. &Quot; During the execution of the State glorious breath away even as we continuedyemo the land where our ancestors fought and trained independent foundation Great Ukraine. Mindful of their work and, following their experience, will develop Ukraine. In a very difficult time for the country must not forget those who first began to defend the homeland & quot ;, - said the head of Uzhgorod City PA " Freedom " Tomas Lelekach. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "