In Vinnitsa region launched inter-district environmental action "Save small river"

In the inter-district started the first environmental action " Save small river & quot ;. The initiators were the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Administration, Basin Water Resources of the Southern Bug with the support of district administrationsBar minutes, Murovanokurylivetsky and Mogilev-Podolsky areas. The action will include practical measures and extensive awareness campaign. Its purpose is to protect the small rivers from pollution and depletion, sustainable functioning of river ecosystems. This year, efforts will be made to clean up and restore the river Namtion, which has its roots in the Bar area and flows into the river Dniester between m. Mogilev-Podolsky and. Nemi. The beginning of the action was the conference in the school gymnasium Vendichany town. Participation in the work were representatives of local communities through which the river flows Nemia: Kopaigorod, Luchyntsya, Sugak, Krychanivky, Borschivtsiv, Ozaryntsi, Nemi. AndThe conference was also attended by Director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Vladimir Krys'ko, head of water resources and water monitoring Southern Bug River Basin Water Management Administration Irina Voytyuk, chairman of Mogilev-Podolsk district council Vladimir Sirant, first vice district administration Sergei Grigorenko, rector of the church of the Nativity Ave.esvyatoyi at Virgin. Anatolia, village heads, land managers, teachers, community activists and media representatives. Participants of the rally from March 20 to April 10, will clean up and manage coastal protection strips rivers, clean bed, handing out business managers and owners of private households, bordering the coastal zone,information booklets about restrictions and regulations of economic activities in accordance with Art. 60-61 Land Code of Ukraine and art. 88-89 Water Code of Ukraine. In information materials, in particular, be noted that in coastal shelter belt Nemia River, which is 25 meters shall be prohibited: plowing (except for soil preparation forluzhennya and afforestation), including gardening and horticulture; storage and use of pesticides and fertilizers; arranging summer camps for cattle; construction of any structures (except hydraulic, hydrometric and linear), including resorts, cottages, garages and parking vehicles; installation of landfill sites, manure storage. tokopychuvachiv liquid and solid wastes, cemeteries, skotomohylnykiv, filtration fields; cleaning and maintenance of vehicles and equipment. At the end of the conference participants adopted a resolution which stated that the issue of wastewater and river Nemia be raised on the stairs villages, special attention will be given to householdsand businesses that are located near or within the coastal protection strip of the river; Pupils and students recommended to extend public awareness areas; deputies of all levels, local governments join the organization of cleaning the coast and river; Media districts to conduct appropriate poz'yasnyuvalnu work. The sponsors of action were PP " Gifts gardens & quot ;, Machine-Building Plant. Kirov, PE " & quot ;, Podillyaekovtorresursy private Bznuni, Directorate Vendychanskoyi school gymnasium. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration