Tiachiv Svoboda paid 76 th anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine

March 14, 2015 to celebrate the 76th anniversary of independence of Carpatho-Ukraine district organization Tyachev PA " Freedom " together with fellow Rakhovsky a series of events. The village Solotvino to place a memorial sign that Setanovleno to fallen Carpathian Sich Colonel Michael Kolodzinskoho, chotarya Zenon Kossak and other " & quot ;, Sich celebrated requiem priests UOC-KP. The event started at the sound of Michael trembity Kurylyak Lazeshchyna. And until sounded sad melody, Svoboda views polynuly in those turbulent times when you Transcarpathiansboryuvaly independence. Director Tiachiv " Freedom " Vladimir Hapun reported that before the nationalists once again renewed this memorable sign for Ukrainophobes still can not calm down and abused every year this holy place. Svobodivets also drew parallels with the present and the past said that Transcarpathian " Sich "in 1939, and now give a fitting rebuff to the enemies of the Ukrainian nation, but not in the Carpathians, and the Ukrainian Donbass. Prior to attend the Chairman Rakhiv District of PA " Freedom " Nicholas Kosovo, are extremely important to educate future generations as an example of heroism Carpathian Sich, because thanks feat charactersKrut, Baturin, Carpathian Sich and other heroes of Ukraine, Ukrainian volunteer army battalions and surprisingly Moscow inhibits aggression and the enemy does not move further into the territory Ukraine & quot ;. Priests at. Valery, rector of the Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist c. Neresnytsya, and. Andrew, rector of St. Martyr and Healer Panteleimon ofBushtyno village, prayed for the fallen heroes and in his speech stressed the importance of place to mention graves of patriots who gave most importantly - their lives for the motherland counterparts and thus demonstrated their sacrifice for the sake of the idea of ??building an independent Ukraine. BACKGROUND events of the period 1939 to Transcarpathia Navs member of the board PA " Freedom & quot ;, Ph.D. Bogdan Galaiko who participated in these activities. He gave details of the fight against Ukrainian Magyar invaders and important role in this fight Colonel Michael Kolodzinskoho. Commemorating the heroes of Ukrainian Nationalists completed execution glorious and cries " Heroes Carpathian Sich - glory! & quot ;. Also column nationalists cars stopped in. Tiachiv where Svoboda paid tribute to the heavenly and hundreds of lighted lamps at the monument to " Heroes of the Revolution dignity & quot ;. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/